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Flying Dragon provides comprehensive innovative solutions in the field of water treatment. Our formula is based on ecological sustainability criteria and largely avoids harmful substances and uses renewable raw materials.

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Available products

Product Chemical name CAS
Dicyandiamide Dicyandiamide 461-58-5
Dragonlite-AN30 Ion Exchange Resin 113114-20-8&7732-18-5
Dragonlite-SN7 Ion Exchange Resin 690117-39-1&7732-18-5
Dragonlite-SN51 Ion Exchange Resin 69011-19-14&7732-18-5
Dragonlite-SS8 Ion Exchange Resin 69011-22-9&7732-18-5
Dragonlite-SS7FD Ion Exchange Resin 69011-22-9&7732-18-5
Dragonlite-SS51 Ion Exchange Resin 69011-22-9&7732-18-5
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