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Product introduction

Dragonox®-245 is a highly effective asymmetric hindered phenol antioxidant, which has the characteristics of high antioxidant efficiency, low volatility and good oxidation resistance and coloring performance. It has significant synergistic effect with auxiliary antioxidants (such as thioester, phosphite, etc.) and can be used with light stabilizers to give products excellent weather resistance. This product is mainly used for processing and long-term heat stabilizer of hips, ABS, MBS and other styrene polymers, POM, PA, PUR, PVC and thermoplastic polyester. It can be used as an effective chain terminator in the polymerization process of PVC and can be added to the monomers of polystyrene and PVC without affecting the polymerization reaction.



White powder or granule
Melting range,℃ 76-80
Purity,% 98% min
Volatile,% 0.5% max
Transmittance,(425nm) 95% min
Transmittance,500nm 97% min 
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