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Acetyl Tributyl Citrate

Product introduction

Dragoncizer-ATBC is environment-friendly plasticizer not containing phthalates. It conforms with environmental standards of European Union, USA and other developed countries. It can be used as plasticizer of PVC, cellulosic resin and synthetic rubber. It can also be used in PVC prilling, food containers, toys, medical products, films, plates and printing ink. Besides, it is used for seal ring of dairy 



Apprearance Colorless transparent liquid
Color (Pt-Co) ≤30
Content, % >99.0
Acidity (mgKOH/g)  ≤0.2
Water content (wt),% 0.15
Refractive index (25°C/D) 1.4410〜1.4425
Relative density (25/25°C) 1.045〜1.055
Heavy metal (as Pb), ppm 10
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