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Product introduction

Dragonox®-565 is a high molecular weight multifunctional hindered phenol antioxidant. It is mainly suitable for the stable processing of unsaturated rubber after processing, which can ensure that the material does not undergo thermal oxidative degradation during production, processing and end use. The added amount of this product is small, has low volatility, high color fastness, and can prevent the formation of gel. This product is very effective in many elastomers, such as: BR, IR, SBR, NBR, XSBR, and SBS, SIS, etc. At the same time, this product can also be used in adhesives, natural and synthetic resins, such as EPDM, ABS, PA, HIPS and polyolefins.



Appearance White powder
Melting Range ℃ 91-96℃
Volatile ≤0.5%
Ash ≤0.1%
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