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Product introduction

Dragonsorb®-320 is a highly effective light stabilizer for a variety of plastics and other organic substrates including unsaturated polyesters, PVC and PVC plastisol. Good results are also expected when Dragonsorb®-320 is used in polycarbonates, polyurethanes, polyamides, synthetic fibers, particularly those with a polyester, skyd. epoxy or isocyanate resin base. Dragonsorb®-320 features strong UV absorption excellent compatibility in a variety of substrates and low volatility and protects polymers, as well as organic pigments from UV radiation helping to preserve the original appearance and physical integrity of molded articles, films, sheets and fibers during outdoor weathering, Dragonsorb®-320 is slightly more discoloring than convention UV absorbers



Apprearance White Powder
Melting Point / ℃ 152-156
Content / % ≥99.0
Transmittance / 440nm ≥97%
Transmittance / 500nm ≥98%
LD50: ≥2000mg/kg
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