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Product introduction

Dragonox®-BHT is a phenolic antioxidant. Widely used in polymer materials, petroleum products and food processing industry. It is a common rubber antioxidant, which has a certain protective effect on heat and oxygen aging.It can also be used as gelling inhibitor in SBR. This product is volatile. It is easy to disperse in rubber and can be directly mixed into rubber or added into latex as dispersion. It is widely used in natural rubber, various synthetic rubber and latex. This product is an effective stabilizer in polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (dosage 0.01-0.1%) and polyethylene ether.



Appearance White crystal
Assay ≥99.0%
Melting Range 69-70 ℃
Moisture ≤0.1%
Ash ≤0.01%
Sulfates (SO4) ≤0.002%
Heavy Metal (Pb) ≤0.0004%
As ≤0.0001%
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