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2019 China rosin industry conference held in tianjin


On May 19 to 21, 2019, the annual Chinese rosin industry conference held in China's financial street Regis hotel in tianjin, from China, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, the United States, Germany, Argentina, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Britain and other countries of nearly 180 delegates attended the meeting.As the market of rosin and turpentine has undergone great changes in recent years, it has attracted the special attention of customers at home and abroad, and the participants have set a new high in recent years.

On the morning of May 20, he made a speech for Chinese guests.Li peitao, general manager of songtao commercial company, first introduced the basic situation of global rosin market, analyzed the production, demand and price trend of Chinese rosin and turpentine market, and compared the development situation and competitiveness of C5 petroleum resin in recent years.The future trend and market opportunities of rosin and turpentine under the new situation are also forecasted. It is suggested that we should maintain prudent operation and reasonable fat harvesting after the arrival of the new production season of rosin.

Chairman zeng guangjian from guangdong kemaolin chemical products co., LTD introduced the changes and development direction of pine chemical industry in China in the past 15 years.The annual output of rosin in China has decreased from the peak of more than 800,000 tons to less than 450,000 tons now, and the number of enterprises has decreased from nearly 600 at the peak to less than 200 now. The overall situation has changed a lot.However, China's rosin turpentine deep processing enterprises continue to develop steadily, the strength of the continuous enhancement, the domestic production of rosin turpentine can not meet the needs of the country, China has changed from a net exporter of rosin turpentine into a net importer, China is from the pine chemical power to pine chemical power transformation.

Wang zhaohui, manager of zhongtuzang sanli flavor & fragrance co., LTD., introduced the import of rosin materials in China, and analyzed the technical indexes and matters needing attention of rosin imported from Indonesia, Brazil and Vietnam in detail.In the import of turpentine, the quality of imported turpentine from Indonesia, Brazil and Africa and the matters needing attention were described in detail.At present is the era of global integration of the rosin market, the rosin industry chain has a new change, as an enterprise must keep pace with The Times, repositioning, can have new opportunities.

Guangdong dragon RongDeMei of fine chemical co., LTD. General manager to introduce you to the deep processing of turpentine oil products of various series and the major production technology, and combined with relevant varieties and production technology, this paper introduces the deep processing of turpentine oil companies need to focus on the work of production safety regulations, including the types of dangerous chemicals involved, "a focus of the two major" required for identification and evaluation, work license, etc.

On the morning of May 21, I made a speech for foreign guests.Ruslan Golubev, product manager of Russia AV Pound co., LTD., introduced the production and application of forest chemical products in Russia.Russia produces sulfate-based rosin and turpentine products, most of the turpentine chemicals are produced by ILIM group, and the main pine species is camphor pine.SegeZa mainly refines ctos, with four refineries, two in northwestern Russia and two in Siberia.CST refining company has two factories, mainly producing alpha-pinene and pine oil.Russia's high - oil rosin mainly used for road - marking resin, also produces disproportionated rosin and the corresponding emulsifiers.

Michel Baumassy, head of southern Europe sales for Fochem of Finland, briefed you on the global pine chemicals industry and its trends.Turpentine is currently produced in 345,000 tons worldwide, and its composition varies according to tree species and geographical location.Turpentine is in high demand globally in the spice, solvent and resin industries, but users may choose to substitute it for cost.Global crude oil production has reached 2 million tons, and the new pulp plant project will increase production in the coming years.However, demand for high crude oil for biofuels will also increase due to environmental protection and subsidies.Overall, the pine chemicals market is still growing faster than the average GDP growth rate, and the growing environmental problems will be conducive to the development of the pine chemicals industry.

Thiago Malagrino, global commercial manager for Brazil's AS Resinas Group, talks about the Brazilian rosin market.He thinks Brazil's economy fared better during the great crisis of 2008, but in 2014-2018 it fell into a deep recession, with a falling exchange rate and rising unemployment, which also boosted Brazil's production of turpentine.In 2018, Brazil produced 220,000 tons of turpentine, exported 85,000 tons of rosin, 23,000 tons of deep-processed products and 20,000 tons of turpentine.Brazil's recession of the past two years has begun to turn and the economy has begun to recover. 2020 is expected to be a significant turning point, and Brazil's production of turpentine is estimated to fall to 210,000 tons in 2019.

Alejandro Cunningham, President of the world pine chemicals association, introduced the activities of the association in 2019, detailing the key members, board of directors, executive staff, committees and projects of the association.The new PCA office is located at 528 south 8th street, fernandina beach, Florida, USA.The association has recently launched a new website with new sections and new data and content.A short training course on high turpentine processing and turpentine recovery will be held in Orlando, Florida from June 5 to 7, 2019. The 2019 world turpentine annual meeting w

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